QuarkVR Can Bring Your Entire Organization to VR

VR Will Transform the Enterprise

More and more companies, including KFC, UPS and Walmart are using VR today for…

Distributed Teams: VR enables you to collaborate like in physical meetings. Image: Softspace

Training: Create apps that have employees practice tasks and interactions, or encourage empathy by putting them in the customer’s mindset. Image: rumii

‍Productivity: Instead of having one monitor you can have infinite monitors. Image: SpaceSys

Design: VR can help you build prototypes and review them faster. Image: MomentLabs

The Future of Office Space Is Wireless

We need an easy way to onboard companies to start using VR today. Giants like IBM have 400,000 employees. QuarkVR can bring an entire Enterprise to VR with zero hardware upgrades.

QuarkVR runs off of centralized GPU server. It streams to non-VR computers and makes them VR-ready.

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