We're improving the user experience of Virtual Reality and reducing the barrier to entry.


Krasi Nikolov

Co-Founder & CEO

Master's Degree in AI and compression. 7 years of building multi-platform solutions.

Georgi Georgiev

Co-Founder & CTO

Worked on every major mobile platform over the past 12 year.

Drago Stoychev

Lead VR Developer

20 years of game development experience. Worked on leading movie rendering software - Vray.

Victoria Victorova

PR & Marketing Manager

3 years managing a 20-million gamers community - Curse Inc.

Nora Predeva


3 years of software testing and tech-support - Hostway.

Georgi Chipov

Hardware Engineer

8 years of HW projects like Smart Hand and an Active Exoskeleton. Sold 3D printing company in 2013.

Stephen Forte


Managing Partner at Fresco Capital. Ex-Chief Strategy Officer at Telerik.